The Letter “P” and the Everyword Bot

in social Technology 04.24.2012

Everyword is a “bot” Twitter account that is currently using a collection of 109,229 words that are slowly dripping into the Everyword Twitter feed. It’s rare that a word on the account gets a lot of Re-Tweets or favorites on Twitter, most people just watching them trickle by, but the “P” section of the dictionary — which apparently contains a majority of NSFW words — seems to be getting a lot of attention. Continue reading

Pointing at Your Wrist in 2014

in Me Society Technology 08.17.2010

I’ve never been very good at taking tests.

My A.D.D. usually kicked in after the fourth of fifth question and I had more fun daydreaming about how I could land a plane if the pilot suffered a stroke, saving hundreds of beholden passengers, than plodding through a list of multiple choice questions.

This all changed in the summer of 1992. Continue reading