Oct15 San Francisco Fog

The fog always looks like its cuddling with San Francisco’s bridges. “Just one more minute,” the fog is saying to the Bay Bridge. “Just one more cuddle before I leave for the day.” (Shot with a Leica M9 and a 28mm lens.)

6 Responses to San Francisco Fog

  1. WOW! Awesome picture of one of the most awesome bridges worldwide. I’ve visited SF in August and I have to say that Bay Bridge is in my opinion much more beautiful than Golden Gate Bridge! I just love it, especially in B&W :) Great Job.

  2. K.Sankaravadivelu says:

    I see Ansel Adams in this beautiful shot

  3. Carl Same says:

    This photo makes my heart skip a beat. I miss SF so.

  4. Such a great place, this photo makes me want to visit again, and walk about. Great shot.

  5. Elsa Marin says:

    Happy to hear that the book is out, looking forward to read, congrats ,God bless u with good health and peace.

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