Apr24 The Letter “P” and the Everyword Bot

One of my favorite Twitter accounts is a bot called Everyword. It was created by Adam Parrish, a lexicographer and programmer, who wanted to share every word in the English language on Twitter.

Mr. Parrish is currently using a collection of 109,229 words that slowly dripping into the Everyword Twitter feed. The project began in December, 2007 and the last word — presumably Zyxt is expected to cross the Twitterwire in June, 2014.

It’s rare that a word on the account gets a lot of ReTweets or Favorites on Twitter. Most people watch words like mellifluous, ophidian and axiology just trickle by. But the “P” section of the dictionary — which apparently contains a number of NSFW words — seems to be getting a lot of attention this month.

Below is the list of the top shared and favorited words since the Everyword account began in 2007. Though every word in the top 10 begins with a P, this spans the entire life of the account.

1. Penis – 556 RTs, 206 Favs
2. Poop – 263 RTs, 88 Favs
3. Penises –  210 RTs, 82 Favs
4. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – 184 RTs, 71 Favs
5. Poo – 174 RTs, 66 Favs
6. Poon – 139 RTs, 65 Favs
7. Pizza – 137 RTs, 59 Favs
8. Piss – 127 RTs, 60 Favs
9. Pooping – 133 RTs, 48 Favs
10. Ponies – 101 RTs, 26 Favs

Other words in the top 20 include: Pee, Poops, Ponies, Owned, Pi and Penetration.

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