Aug16 Making A Social Media Burger

Last week I wrote a story for the Bits Blog about 4Food, a new “healthy fast food” restaurant that’s opening in New York City in September.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Huh, you’re don’t write about food for The Times, you write about nerd-stuff.” The reason I wrote about 4Food was because of the way it’s connected to the Web and allows a new kind of social integration with you lunch, integrating with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

Plus there’s a neat gaming aspect to the restaurant, as I wrote in my post:

“Once you place your order, you can give it a name and off you go to pick it up. And this is where the game aspect comes in. 4Food has a leaderboard that shows the most-ordered burger. That turns it into a social networking food game.

Here’s how it works: I create a burger, call it “The Bits Burger” and broadcast it to Twitter or Facebook. Each time someone orders my special creation, I get 25 cents credit in the restaurant and my burger rises up the leaderboard. The more customers order my burger, the higher it goes and the more credits I get, until I’m eating free.”

4Food is currently offering a promotion on its site that gives new customers $12 towards a burger and other goodies if you sign up before the launch next month. And if you create a burger, tell me what it is in the comments so I can give it a taste.

6 Responses to Making A Social Media Burger

  1. Keith says:

    That sounds like a very interesting restaurant! I’m a bit curious about the “Healthy Fast Food” line. Hopefully the restaurant takes off and will start getting chains in other cities so I can test it out. :-)

  2. john says:

    Thanks for the story about the burger joint. What they are doing is rather cool and inovative.

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  4. Jennifer Lin says:

    This is like affliate program. I would like to be the owner of 4Food, not the guy who will get 25 cents credit. The difficult part is really – How do I get lots of guys who would like to get 25 cents credit from me?

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